Hiring a professional Genealogist can be an excellent way to further your research, break down ‘brick walls’ and provide expertise to allow you to continue the process on your own.  You may not be familiar with the procedure of working with a professional, but this is a brief outline of what to expect.  Generally the format is as follows:

 1.       Define a Research Problem;

Setting realistic goals for what you wish to accomplish is important. I will review the material you have already researched on your ancestor (one family name) and enter the data into a digital genealogy application.

2.       Develop a Research Plan;

The research plan is to set specific goals and determine an overview of available records to be searched.

3.       Conduct the Research;

Online records from both subscription and free databases are always consulted first.  Later research may require personal attendance and this will be clearly outlined. Primary sources are obtained, if available. Transcriptions are used as clues, not taken as fact.

4.       Analyze the Findings;

This is the most crucial aspect of research. Each record consulted must be analyzed in comparison to known facts or newly discovered information. Conflicts and discrepancies must be logically explained.  This is a most neglected area of research, and unless findings are compared to previous information it is easy to be misled and follow the wrong trail. Please note that there are nearly always variations in reported ages and surname spellings.

5.       Report the Findings;

Provide a written report on the research and findings. This will include Family Group Sheets generated by a digital genealogy application and will include sources and full citations.

6.       Fees;

Please email me for a current price list.


DIVERSITY FAMILY HISTORY - diversityirish@gmail.com